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It's been proven - your fans, customers, and community react to the reason behind why you do what you do. The research shows if everything you do is focused on showcasing "The Why" you'll generate sustainable brand loyalty for years to come. Looking for a case study: look at apple.

I help you creatively showcase that intangible human expression, the emotional connection that provides that why. You have a story. I want to share it.

Let me be your partner in storytelling. Whether it's a brand releasing a clothing line crafted by people of color, a religious humanitarian organization ending human trafficking a country away, or a life changing idea that promotes entrepreneurship - you need the "Jump Cut King".

Established in 2015, the nickname "Jump Cut King" was earned by taking what was an industry-recognized catastrophe and cultivating it into a creative brand elevating technique. A creative well-placed "jump cut" will grab your audience's attention resulting in viewer focus. It's just one technique I use to help your story stand out from the white noise of social media.

The Creative Competency

Over 10 years of professional broadcast experience has taught me to conduct skilled industry research to discover insights that fuel creativity. Those insights get poured into intense brand cultivation with a "think differently" approach to pushing creative boundaries.

As a creative, I've done it all. Cultivated brands from the ground up. Spent hours with a lighting director perfecting a look. Wrote and Rewrote copy to reflect the story's emotion while embracing the nuances of your fan base. Spent hours blocking, staging events, strategic planning, creative thinking, finding that right shot, and moving the camera a little left to get that perfect shot.

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